It’s my Bday

CakeToday was my bday.  Last night I was given a surprise dinner party by one of my dearest friends ever in my entire life, who was accompanied by people who mean the world to me. Here is the cake.  BTW, the dinner took place at one of my favorite haunts, Little Owl.

What I am and what I feel are sort of a disconnect.  Regardless, today is the third anniversary of the gotham gal.  I’m proud to say that I have kept this going for three years.  I hope that the people who read my thoughts, recipes, reviews, etc. have gotten something from it.  I certainly have. 

So, happy birthday to me, many years, much experience, lots of stories and lots of learning.  I consider myself incredibly lucky and I hope that through my musings I have touched each one of you. 

Comments (Archived):

  1. jackson

    Feliz navidad! Keep up the good work, keep celebrating life and you’ll be – as Bob says – forever young.

  2. Casey Cook

    happy birthday! xo

  3. Dory

    Happy Birthday, Joanne! By they way, I read GG every time it’s in my inbox. Love it. We have gone to restuarants (or haven’t gone) on your recommendation, tried new recipes, and have actually discovered musicians through you…so congrads too on three years in the blog biz.

  4. ivan

    Happy birthday. You are one month less four days younger than me. Great times.

  5. Jim Fobes

    Happy birthday, youngster. I really love your writing and your spirit. Gotham Gal is in my top five favorite blogs.

    Keep writing!
    jim Forbes

  6. wa

    Happy birthday and many more! Thanks for all the “Heads Ups” on the “Forks down” experiences when we are in town…

    Wayne and Sheryl

  7. Denise (NJ)

    Happy B-Day…Sorry so late, just catching up on my Saturday afternoon. Only three years…wow, your site is incredible and I can relate to almost all of your day to day activities. keep up the good work !!