Dailywithlindsay_1I have added Wallstrip to my sidebar for daily viewing.  For full disclosure, we are investors in this business. 

Daily 1 -2 minute clips on stocks to invest in.  Not penny stocks but stocks that are actually doing fantastic and are possibly at an all time high.  The thought behind it is if they are doing well, perhaps they will do even better.  Also, what I like is that Wallstrip is using the web as it should be used.  Not a half an hour long drawn out clip like it was a cable show but a short almost loses your attention span but not quite bulletin of the "stock of the day".  The clips are entertaining,  informative and clever.  Even if you aren’t going to invest in their recommendations, it is certainly food for thought.

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  1. howard lindzon

    Hey – so cool.

    I hope spain was awesome.