BazookaBazooka is the perfect stick of bubble gum.  Classic.  We always pick up a handful at the counter of Candy Kitchen in Bridgehampton on the way out of town or back into town which ever way you want to look at it.  We were all aghast to see that Bazooka had changed their packaging.  Emily said it made her feel old. 

No longer a hard square wrapped up with a comic inside.  Now it is a long piece of gum, not as hard (which is actually good), and the comic strip is printed on the inside of the label (hard to read).  Alas, at one point everything changes.  When all the small square pieces of Bazooka get chewed and blown, the packaging of years past will be no longer.  Welcome in the new.

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  1. erin

    your kids may be too young, but sells a “bubble gum factory” — really just a bubble gum making kit. Says for ages 8+. i’m considering it for my nephew…$20.

  2. erin

    oooops! meant to say your kids may be too OLD!!