Christmas Advertisements

When I first started working at Macy’s, right out of college, I learned alot about the financial importance of the Christmas Season.  There were some hard and fast rules about advertising, decorating, etc.  Everything rolled out the day after Thanksgiving.  The windows were presented to the public.  The store started piping in the Christmas music.  The advertising started on TV and in the NYTimes.  You hit the ground running the Friday morning after Thanksgiving.  Then,you went non-st0p until New Years. 

The times have changed.  I have noticed that stores have already started piping in the Christmas music around Halloween.  Decorations are starting to be put up on the streets and in the store windows right after Halloween.  The season has been extended to the point that the retailers make it almost unenjoyable.  I  miss the kick-off of the season.

Every year the retail Christmas season starts earlier and earlier.  Truthfully, I find it disgusting because the excitement of the season  happens in the season.  Extending the sales makes it one big Hallmark event.  Tsk, tsk.