Democracy Works

2006_11_08t101307_450x328_us_usa_electioI was beginning to lose faith but yesterdays sweep put my faith back in America.  A strong message was sent.  The majority of Americans didn’t like what they saw and were able to express that by voting for change.  Democracy truly works. 

My hope is that the next two years will not be strife with conflict but a movement towards the center.  My hats off to Chuck Schumer who has really done a terrific job getting the Democratic party on message and unified. 

The most gratifying part of watching the winners last night was seeing our kids involved.  Josh actually got up this morning and got on line to to watch the results. They have seen that our Government does work.  It is obviously not always perfect but this is the peoples Government.  The people have spoke and change has taken place and that is a very good thing.

Comments (Archived):

  1. Rich

    I left a congratulatory comment on A VC, but I also wanted to thank and congratulate you for the effort you put in to raise the issues, spread the word, send a message and support the candidates (now office holders) that so many of us hope can change our country’s direction. Many people in NYC, USA and around the world are appreciative today to those, like yourselves, who helped deliver this result.

  2. jackson

    Yippe! I’m so full of hope and joy – it’s a great feeling.

  3. Kevin Walsh

    I’m not wealthy enough to pay for the Democrats’ inevitable tax hikes—and no matter what they say now, hike they will.

  4. Peter Wunsch

    Many of the good feelings were tempered, as a New Yorker, by the reality of a comptroller getting elected as a fiscal felon simply because he was a Democrat. I never will vote for a party and to see how little New Yorkers care about the candidate is the apathetic grist that destroys voter turnout. A 20% margin for a man who steals money so he can be the person elected to watch ours!