Food Bank

MarioWent to an event last night to raise money for the Food Bank.  This particular event kicked off Comedy week in NYC.  So, with many comediennes in line, they kicked off the week by roasting Mario Batali.  Sarah Silverman, Stanley Tucci, Sarah Jones, Artie Lange, Mario Cantone were some of the few people who roasted Mr. Batali. 

As a whole, I am not a big fan of the fancy fundraisers but supporting the Food Bank is a really good thing.  The Food Bank provides food for more than 1200 community food programs through our all the New York boroughs.  More than a quarter million free meals are served daily with help from the Food Bank.  That is huge.  I am glad to see so many of the New York chef’s putting their name and energy behind something that is truly making a difference in other peoples lives.  And for that reason, we went.