New Taxis

CabI got into a new taxi today.  It was one of those small jeeps.  What was interesting was the partition.  There was a partition between the driver and the passenger in the front seat.  A bit claustrophobic for the driver.  This particular driver did not like it at all.  Interesting but sort of strange.

Comments (Archived):

  1. fred

    i wonder if that partition will eliminate body odor

  2. susan bc

    Nearly all the cabs in Chicago have those partitions – have for years!

  3. Ken Berger

    If you go to China, in any city you will immediately notice that all the cabs have the driver completely surrounded by such a partition. It’s to protect HIM. There’s also no little window to pass money through, making it tough to pay and get change.

  4. Corey Henderson

    I could be wrong, but that was probably one of the new Ford Escape Hybrid cabs. When there are lots of empty cabs around I actually seek them out for the environment friendly aspect. Personally, I’d love to see London-style purpose built taxis with low entries, wide doors, and room for five or six.

  5. carl rahn griffith

    much as i loved my time living and working in nyc, the one thing i missed about london was the ubiquitous london black cab.

    the fares are reasonable, they are spendidly comfortable/vast for passenger space, the driver’s knowledgebase is immense and his/her banter often interesting – and, anyway, london’s so damn big you do actually need them – i walked most of the time when in manhattan! come on, manhattan’s tiny – do you really need all those yellow cabs with their bemused drivers?