I have been without the Internet since Saturday afternoon.  I have been walking around in a bad mood.  I feel disconnected.  I can’t get anything done.  No research, no information, no nothing. 

Today, Tuesday morning, finally, I got a call and literally as the guy from XO Communications was telling me that my email was up,  it starting flowing in.  Relief.  It made my day.  Thank god I have my blackberry.  What is nice is that they finally called me.  I only called them 6X’s over the past few days.

What is beyond frustrating is that we use one one of the many companies that use Verizon’s lines.  Verizon owns the lines but anyone can use them for a fee and sell their services.  The good news is that has created a fair market on price.  The bad news is that everyone is beholden to Verizon and the priority to fix anything wrong is not high on their "to do" list.  Not sure how to fix that problem but at least I am up and rocking again.

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  1. JLR

    Verizon simply SUCKS! I dont care they are coming out with a faster EVO service…they are simply the WORST!