The Ever Growing Meat Market

TheoryI was walking through the Meat Market today and saw a bit taken back by the huge new Theory store on the corner of  9th/Greenwich and Gansevoort.  I didn’t walk in but my guess is the store has to be at least 5000 square feet.  It takes over half the bottom floor of the new building that has finally opened.  Wow.  It is unbelievable what has happened on that side of town.

The DVF building on the corner of Washington and 14th Street looks almost ready to open.  It went up in about 2 minutes.  There is a really interesting glass structure on the top of the building.  Not sure what it is there for maybe a cool office?

I still love seeing the guys out on Washington with their white meat coats on among the fashionistas.  I hope that doesn’t change but am afraid it just might.

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  1. ivan

    Had my office there on W14th between 96 and 2000, right amid the meat. No funky clubs or fashionistas then, just meat lorries, a couple of art gallerie, Hogs & Heifers, couple of great bistros and tubs of offcuts all summer long. Oh, and transvestite hookers in the nightime. Lovely place, great memories. I think we may even have been up above the Theory corner.