What’s up with the dogs?

What’s up with the dogs?  Call me crazy but I find it incredibly rude and pretentious to wander through stores shopping with your dog.  Unless you are in need of a seeing eye dog, you should not be allowed to go into stores with your dog.  People have allergies, people are scared, some people just don’t like dogs….SHOCK!

I grew up with a dog.  We have a dog, Lucky.  A 11 year old golden retriever mutt that we saved from the pound 10 years ago.  He is a sweet dog but I don’t take him out shopping. 

This past weekend, I was strolling and shopping through East Hampton with Jessica and Emily.  We were in Scoop.  That alone is anxiety ridden.  There were 4-5 dogs also shopping there.  These weren’t tiny lap dogs they were medium to full sized dogs.  I heard barking at one point.  Also, it is hard to get through when there is a dog pulling their owners leash across the aisle.  At one point, one of the parents had given the family beagle ( a big beagle ) over to their 7 year old.  The next thing we knew, this boy was in our dressing room with the beagle jumping all over us and our clothes.  I pushed the dog down and asked the boy if he could pull the dog out.  He tried to.  Then the father called him and saw what had happened.  Do you think the father could have apologized or said anything.  Not a word of acknowledgment.  No surprises there.  Anyone would would travel through a store with their dog in tow says something in itself.  I can do whatever I want.  No rules for me. Dogs are meant for homes and parks not for shopping.  If your dog is lonely at home, get them a sitter or another dog to hang out with.  It is completely inconsiderate of people to bring their dogs shopping period.

Another dog story to share.  My friend was at the post office yesterday and a woman brought her dog in.  The postmaster told the woman is it against the law to bring a dog in the post office unless it was a seeing eye dog.  The woman ranted and raved on how that was not fair.  People in line were a bit taken back by this woman.  Then the woman actually said if you can’t bring dogs in the post office, you shouldn’t be able to bring children in either.  Children vs. dogs?  Doesn’t that just sum it up?  I admit I have seen people walking their dogs actually walking with their dogs in their arms.  Purpose?  I have also seen people with a dog in a baby bourne (the front packs where you put very young children instead of a stroller).  I peeked to see the baby and instead I saw a dog.  Yikes. Although, I have yet to see a dog in a stroller. 

I am a dog lover, believe me.  But, dogs are not people and they aren’t children.  They are certainly man’s best friend but that doesn’t mean they should sit at the table and eat with you or should they help you shop.

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  1. Bryan

    We have a dog, Milo. He is a very well-behaved chihuahua. We adopted and trained him specifically so he could be brought along with us everywhere. We put him in a bag, take him on the subway, the plane, shopping, to dinner (only if we can eat outside though!). He stays in his bag and is quiet. nobody knows he is there. and when people do see him they smile. I think you see shopping as your “domain” as some people see their work as their “domain.” Fortunately shopping is a social, leisure activity and I have no problem having Milo accompany me when I go shopping. Big-box retailers (circuit city, target, etc), Amtrak and Greyhound (the one with the dog logo) have strict anti-dog policies. If you really want to avoid the pesky beasts those are probably your safest refuge.

  2. Dog Lover

    The account you gave is not a dog with bad behavior, it’s irresponsible parents giving their dog over to their 7 year old, who understandably doesn’t know how to control the dog yet (most 7 year olds don’t). Blame the parents, not the mere fact a dog was in the store. For some people, they think of dogs AS children (perhaps choosing or can’t have their own) and they are a family member, and they’d prefer to bring a well-behaved dog with them than leave it home.

    I do agree with you – badly behaved dogs should stay at home, but don’t make it about ALL dogs. Would you tell someone to leave their kid home if it screamed its head off or crawled accidentally into your dressing room?

  3. bhwoman

    We were all talking about this at Thanksgiving dinner! I almost stepped on a dog in Anthropologie — a woman was just wondering around with a tiny dog on a leash. And then there was a big dog rubing all over the clothes. If I owned a store I woudl prohibit all but seeing eye dogs. If you want to walk your dog, walk him; if you want to shop, leave him at home!

  4. like dogs but let's be realistic

    i’ve seen a dog in a stroller. it was a little bit sweet but mostly bizarre and pathetic. the lonely old lady pushing it was probaby happy, though.

  5. Tom

    The other one is people bringing their dogs to kids sporting events. More than 1 time I have seen a dog scare or knock down another child. Also, it is fun (not) when 2 people bring their dogs to the games.

  6. ban kids too

    We should also ban children under the age of 18 from most establishments. All they ever do is cry, complain and annoy other shoppers. How many times have we seen those little snot-faced critters running around without supervision. The worst offenders are the ones in East Hampton. Those inconsiderate freakshows are the reason I sold my place.

  7. wa

    We have three dogs, one per acre before anyone rolls their eyes…and in Fort Lauderdale the laws now allow for the dogs to join their masters in open air dining environments…we are waiting for 12.95 dishes of Kibble and Bits on the menu next…we also do not believe in lying down or dining with ours or anyone elses cannines…

  8. John

    It’s really funny to see you call others rude and pretentious, then go on to rap more about East Hampton (as though the season was still going and the locale was still hip). You were in Scoop, a pet shop dedicated to dogs, complaining about the dogs that were present! Wow! If that isn’t a first, it should be! Now you’re planning a fancy trip to Europe, as we all know. I’m sure you’re going to be disappointed by all the dogs you’ll see. When I lived in Europe for ten years, I took my dog everywhere, including cafes and restaurants, where she was always welcome. One day my boss asked I leave the dog at home the next day because the big client was going to visit. I left her home. The first thing the cleint said was, “where’s the dog?” The boss quietly asked me to go get her. Lighten up. for God’s sake!

  9. Jim B

    Spot on – this is a first rate post.

    I too am a dog lover but agree its selfish and obnoxious to be imposing dogs on others in stores. There is a big problem in NYC with anthropomorphism – people treating dogs like humans. I have gone off on people who don’t clean up after their dogs or bring their dogs into a coffee shop in the pouring rain. Ultimately this is about courtesy, good manners and taking responsibility for decent behavior. Its also a microcosm of people acting out entitlement – screw everyone else, I’ll impose my dog on others.

    The negative comments you get are basically folks who can’t stomach a bit of common sense.

    Keep the opinions coming. Love them or loath themt, at least you are putting stuff out there.


  10. scott partee

    Here in Vienna, they seem to like dogs more than children — at least in public. Restaurants almost all accomodate dogs and, for the most part, it’s never a problem. I don’t mind, just as I don’t mind children (being a parent, how could I?), but if it becomes a big problem, I *do* mind. If your dog is barking throughout the entire meal (as one did in Malta a few weeks ago), then you need to take your dog away (no, the people just let it bark). It’s one of those situation where you feel like it would all work out if one could just trust the owners to be considerate. Unfortunately, some people are not.

    As for dogs in a stroller, have I ever got a photo for you:


    Cramped stores are a problem. I get dirtier looks for having a stroller in them than one would believe possible. Yet people still feel the need to bring a leashed dog inside them. Most places in Vienna provide leash ties outside so you can leave the pooch happily outside. That’s what I did when I had a dog. My 80lb German Shephard/Chow mix was not something I chose to inflict upon other shoppers.

  11. Robin

    I guess you struck a nerve with this one! The only thing that seemed more hysterical then the responses you received is the fact that there are signs posted all over East Hampton shops saying no cell phones and no food or drinks why would they allow dogs? Let’s face it -it is not really about the dogs it’s about the dog owners attitudes!

  12. Cathy Schlecter

    Scoop is a clothing store for women/men, not a pet shop. East Hampton is fabulous at this time of year, not just in “season”.

  13. i love dogs but this is ridiculous

    i consider all this ridiculous dog-coddling a leading sign of our civilization’s imminent collapse. owning a dog is great, but neither (1)pretending it’s a eetie-beetie-widdle-pookums human baby nor (2)treating a living thing like a fashion accessory is ok. it’s an animal with its own behaviors, responses, etc., that should be respected.