Furniture Fair in Miami

After rushing back to the hotel for a quick change, we made our way out to the opening of the Furniture Fair.  It is housed in a four story location with booths on each floor.  We saw some really fantastic furniture, old and new.  I will just give the pictures and highlights since I didn’t take the information on the galleries.

Lace_chairThis chair looks like macrame but is solid as a rock.  It was very comfortable and chic.

This table on the right is made of a poured substance.  You couldGreen_table_1 have at least 16 for dinner but the way the table curves creates for much more interesting conversation. 

Butterfly_chairThis last piece is from a jewelry designer.  It is called the butterfly chair.  It is a conversation piece.

To give you an idea of what the place looks like.  Here is a picture from the third floor.  I’m glad we went to this fair.  Beautiful.  Furniture