Gingerbread House

P1010024‘Tis the season to make a Gingerbread House.  It is  really a fun activity.  Gets everyones creative juices flowing.  The hardest part is definitely making the house.  Fred devised the proper size patterns years ago with cardboard paper.  I use them once a year.  Just roll out the dough and use the cardboard for cutting the size.  The most difficult part is making that and then getting the house to stick together.  The fun part is buying the candy, coming up with the concept and gluing it all on.  Somehow I am always stuck with the difficult part.  Oh well. 

This house is yet to be finished. We went out for dinner in mid-stream but will finish later in the week.  I will post the finale then.

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  1. Dory

    You’re a domestic goddess.