We have been dealing with lots of lawyers the past few weeks on a variety of deals.  You have to have a lawyer in order to cover all "what ifs" but the torture of going through the process sometimes is enough to drive you up the wall. 

Someone sent me this video yesterday which gave me a good chuckle in regards to the need for representation.  Sorry that this video isn’t available to be imbedded into the blog.  You just have to click on the link

Sexual Consent

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  1. jeff Marks

    Great video! Very sharp!

  2. Ted

    Imagine how we feel! LOL

    Seriously it makes us look like the United Bank of Scotland commercial. Always paranoid. As an entrepreneur and attorney I can appreciate how it is ultimately the business that has to make the calculus of risk and at that point, the attorney should just say his or her spiel and bow out.

    That was good!

    Hope you are enjoying your trip.

    Happy Holidays!

  3. VK Narayanan

    Hi Gotham – saw your link mentioned at A VC blog and am so glad that I found you today. Adding you to my reader. Would you be interested to collaborate in our charity efforts at my dhaba in some way? Please do check it out.

  4. kip

    This was fantastic. Great link!