SwitchSometimes I scare myself when I can walk or drive by a block in many areas of downtown Manhattan and know that something is brand new.  I can’t remember a persons name but I can pick out the latest restaurant or store front on a random block.  Weird how the mind works.

Today I happened to be in Chelsea.  I walked down 8th Avenue and saw a new food front called Swich.  Walked in and asked the obvious question, "how long have you been open"?  Answer, "since Thursday".  So, I decided to have lunch. 

Great space.  Very clever website.  I love when you click on location and it takes you immediately to Google Maps.  Also, when you click on "the story" the story is told by a funny cartoon which I really liked.  A possible food entrepreneur in the making.

The menu is simple.  A variety of pressed sandwiches or if you would prefer a decompressed meaning salad instead of bread.  It reminds me of Chop’t.  They stick to what they do, pressed sandwiches and they don’t stray from it with soups and a variety of other options.  Chop’t does the same.  Salads chopped, that’s it.  I like that.  You are better focusing on one thing then trying to be everything for everybody.

The place is clean, simple and well done.  A long bar where you order on the right and pick up on the left.  A big communal table in front of the bar. 

I had the Karate Chicken Decompressed.  All fresh.  Greens in a plastic container to go with freshly sliced cherry tomatoes, pieces of mandarin orange, pieces of roast chicken and thin slices of carrots and sliced almonds.  Dressing comes in a small plastic container.  Good dressing.  A really light well balanced salad, not too heavy.  My guess is the sandwiches are really good but as always, I opt for the salad.  What can I say? 

I ended up meeting with the owner John.  He has never been in the restaurant biz.  His last career was a copy writer.  Got to give him a huge amount of credit for opening a new place with no experience.  He couldn’t be nicer – I think his idol is Danny Meyer. 

This is a clever made to order fast fresh food restaurant.  My bets are on success and that you will soon seen one coming to a neighborhood near you.  I believe Chop’t is the process of expanding their brand too.  Young guys as well.  Could be a trend…

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  1. Colin McCabe

    I have to try this ‘Swich’ place. Thank you for the compliments on Chop’t. We are in the process of developing a blog. I’ll let you know when it’s ready. I’d love your input. I don’t know if my address will show on this post, so if it doesn’t, this is Colin from Chop’t.