The Little Dog Laughed

Bway_artThe Little Dog Laughed was such a success last year that Second Stage Theater put the show on again this fall.  We didn’t see the production the first time around but was really happy that we were able to see the revival this fall.

Sometimes plays shouldn’t move to Broadway or return so soon.  Sometimes it is just good to walk around with a major smash hit and call it a day. 

I really liked the play.  The story was clever and funny.  Julie White took the show.  Ari Graynor was second in line.  Truly superb acting.  The lines were laugh out loud too. 

But when I got up at intermission to take a stretch, I noticed that the theater was barely filled.  The second story mezzanine was practically empty. 

As an actor, it must be difficult to play to an empty theater knowing that the first go round was a total sell out.  It isn’t like this is a bad play.  Perhaps that audience is just limited.  I wonder if Second Stage broke even or lost money on this run which is why I say, sometimes it is just better letting successes be remembered that way instead of trying to recreate the success.  Second time isn’t always as a good run as the first time around.

If you haven’t seen the play, tickets appear to be abundant.  It is worth seeing.  It is funny.  Very present day.  Enjoyable.  A good howl.