Images_23When I was in Miami last week I had dinner with a woman from San Diego whose husband works for a company called Waveloch.  This is the ultimate in surfing without having to go in the ocean. 

Have you seen the pictures of indoor skiing in Dubai or Japan?  This is the same concept but instead of skiing, indoor surfing.  It is quite cool. 

I believe they each cost somewhere around half a million dollars to buy/install.  But think about going to a resort and instead of watching your kid go down the waterslide, they stand inline to do a 2-3 minute surf or as long as they can ride the wave and then shoot out the other end.  Maybe a whole family activity.  More than likely you can get a bunch of fantastic waves in a few rides. 

The big surfers seem to be into it from their website.  They can probably practice their stance before taking on the big ones in Indonesia. 

Is it the next big wave in family amusement?  Pardon the pun.  Who knows but personally I think it is pretty cool. 

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  1. Jim Fobes

    of course you could come to San Diego and do th e real thing on a real ocean. Problem is: our restaurants uniformly suck.
    Jim Forbes

  2. Oceano Irrazionale

    Fine… You really have this?
    I’d like to try it…
    Hello from Italy
    Ciao ; )