China Grill

I believe the China Grill opened their doors over 18 years ago.  It was quite a hot spot.  The place was packed from lunch through late night dinners.  Walking through the door yesterday was like walking back in time.  I remember eating there on many occasions.  What is impressive is that the decor has held up.  The place looks as fresh and modern today as it did then.  They have a bit of a problem with the ventilation, it is a bit smoky, but otherwise, they seem to be moving along just fine.

Remember, location, location, location.  Located in the basement of the Sony building doesn’t help.  At 1pm, the place was jammed at 230, it was dead.  Great place for a business lunch.  The service is quick and nice.  The menu remains the same but it still is quite good.

We split 3 things.  The portions are super-sized so keep that in mind.  We had the Chinese chicken salad.  Chopped cabbage, chicken, veggies etc. and laden with a mayonaisse type dressing.  It comes on a simple white plate and shaped in a huge mound on top.  Lots to share.  We also had the noodle special of the day.  Shrimp pad Thai.  Spicy, simple and good.  The other thing we shared was the Curry Miso black cod that was served over Chinese broccoli.   The fish was cooked right but the dish was a bit heavy handed.  Actually, the dishes all look heavy handed.  Big portions, heavy sauces.  But, it works. 

I’d go back if I were in the area.  It is a huge achievement for a restaurant to remain anywhere for that period of time and still keep the place hopping.

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  1. andy jacobson

    i haven’t been in years. it was one of the first “identity” projects i worked on when i worked for tibor kalman at m&co.

    good to see they haven’t change that!

  2. Gina

    I LOVE this restaurant….excited to go back!