Happy New Year

I have been off line way too long.  First New Year’s resolution is to get a laptop so I can actually blog while I travel instead of blogging the entire trip when I return.  I am a little bit delayed wishing all a Happy New Year, alas.  Here was our card this year. 


wishing you a very happy, healthy and exciting blue year.  go democrats!

Comments (Archived):

  1. Jim Fobes

    JoAnn– I have been waiting for your post- Italy blog entries patiently. Well worth the wait and you actually made me want to go there. thanks,
    jim Forbes

  2. Bonny

    We are heading to Paris this year and would love advice on accomodations!


  3. Denise (NJ)

    wow, now i know what happen…we were getting concerned but you certainly had a great excuse. looks like you had lots of fun
    welcome back
    and buy an HP laptop…