NakedInternational Center of Photography has a fantastic facility for their educational programs and a small intimate museum across the street.

I have actually taken a class at ICP and the best pictures are inside the school and in the back area where you can see the photos taken recently by students.  The museum, for some reason, always seems to be missing something. 

Yesterday I went to check out 2 exhibits.  One was Martin Muncasi and the other was Henry Cartier-Bresson’s scrapbook.  There were only a few shots in each exhibit that grabbed me. 

Photography has made so many interesting strides over the past years.  Most of the exhibits that I have seen at ICP focus more on the old rather than the new. 

There happened to be a small room in the back that showed the latest additions to their collection which was a little more interesting.  Again, some old and some new.  This particular picture was an addition to the collection.  The
photographer is Elliot Erwitt, 1983, called Contest for Mr. Nude
California, Bakersfield, CA.  It just made me laugh.

As a whole, I have been really disappointed in the lack of inspiration at ICP’s museum.