Images_24Public transportation in New York is a great way to go.  It is quick, efficient and pretty safe. It hasn’t always been that way.  In the 70’s and early 80’s, the subway was pretty nasty.  I prefer the subway to the bus and take both. Most of the time, the subway is the way to go.

I filled my card a few weeks ago with another $20.  $20 gets your $24 worth of travel.  The metrocard is the way to go.  I took my ride.  When I got on the subway to return, the card wouldn’t work.  Eventually I gave up and went to the toll booth to ask for help.  They gave me an envelope and said I needed to send my card back and contact the MTA.  Yeah, right.

I took the envelope home.  Wrote a letter about what happened and sent that off with my card.  When I got back from vacation I had a letter from the MTA.  They checked out my card and it was definitely faulty.  They supplied me with a new card and $22 worth of travel which is exactly what was left. 

I loved it.  In terms of Government offices, the MTA works. 

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  1. Denise (NJ)

    Hi, not sure I agree. having had friends from out of state during the holiday, it’s very fustrating. The maps are so small you can’t really tell the cross streets and from outside on the streets, unless your from the area, where are the nice big signs that say MTA? The subway is hidden and makes it mysterious. And those metro cards, we had 3 faulty cards out of 7. And did you know that you can’t use one card 4 consecutive times? I wanted to let 5 of our family through on one card and couldn’t. MTA verified this is on purpose. WHY?

  2. John

    the only way to go in nyc is by bicycle. no stairs to descend or climb and only rarely do you get klumped by a taxi or truck!

  3. Brouhaha

    Nothing beats a Vespa for getting around NYC. Especially with all this mild weather!