Saving face

4085462817I read today in the New York Times that a small group of Republicans are trying to save face for George Bush in the latest push for the majority of congress to not pass the resolution to send another 20,000 troops to Iraq.  The Democrats and many Republicans want deadlines to be met in regards to Iraq, as they should.

This particular group of Republicans who want to pass Bush’s latest idea in regards to Iraq in order to not embarrass the President.  Why exactly?

Once again, it is disheartening that members of our Senate are more concerned with saving face for the President.  They would rather see more young men and women die over a war that is for what?  Droves of people have left Iraq.  My guess is the majority of people gone are the people we would have liked to stay and create a healthy country.  Bush has destroyed the reputation of our country around the world.  He has made pretty much nothing but bad decisions and refuses to acknowledge that perhaps he was wrong instead he is defiant and arrogant about his decisions. 

Saving face is more important?  I just don’t get it.

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  1. Parker

    Sadly, although I question the intentions of the war myself, there is really no other option.
    To leave now would only allow whatever feeble government there is in Iraq to crumble, resulting in a multi-factional civil war. This could go on for decades, and kill hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqis.
    Powell was right…”You break it, you own it”, and we now own it.

    It has to be kept together, for at least another couple of years. We would then require new leadership, which can build a real coalition with some of our allies (let them get some of the business of rebuilding) to help better secure the country and continue to develop its military. Bush has lost credibility around the world, and will not be able to do this.