Sweet 16

JessfredJessica and her 2 best buddies had a Sweet 16 party together this past Saturday night.  First of all, I can’t believe she is 16.  Second of all, they did it all themselves.  Future party planners? 

They wanted to have a party.  The parents of each of these girls gave them each $1000.  Doesn’t go very far in NYC when you need a space to rent too. 

Through our friend, who happens to put out a magazine called Great Places, made a recommendation for them that might work.  The girls went over, checked out the place, negotiated a deal with the owner and she sent me the contract.  The place was off of 5th Avenue on 28th Street. 

They booked the place.  They figured out the list and bought stock paper and made their own invites on a laser printer.  The girls went over to Kmart a few weeks before their event and got the drinks, the chips, the food, etc.  They hired a DJ.  We hired bartenders and bouncers. All and all, quite impressive.

They had about 130 kids. 

To me, the perfect party.  The girls were thrilled.  There friends had a blast.  They planned it themselves.  It was in line with how to celebrate when you are 16.  Otherwise, what is there to look forward to when you are 21?

Comments (Archived):

  1. Shripriya

    I think this is a great way to celebrate a 16th birthday. Congratulations to you and Fred – with all the excesses of the shows on MTVn (sweet 16 blah, blah), it is great to know that there are still kids who do things modestly.

  2. Elizabeth H.

    That is great. There is way too much over the top stuff for kids now. Good for you.

  3. casey

    happy birthday jess! xoxo

  4. erin

    I see others commented upon the excess displayed by the MTV show. So glad to hear of a more appropriate example. And while many shows on MTV drive me nuts, I do like seeing what is out there…cause this is the stuff kids are exposed to. I guess I have a bit of time…my daughter is only 7 months!

  5. steve fried

    so happy to hear it all worked out so well asd that the place was fabulous. mazol tov…

  6. Royal Ann

    All they were missing is the giant hot pink bow.