The Place on 10th

After spending weeks in Italy and eating fantastic food the kids were asking how come we don’t get to eat this well in NYC?  Hmm.  Good question.  They started throwing out a list of restaurants they would love to try.  Well, the kids do love trying the food.  The girls even read Food & Wine on Saturday and tried out a recipe for power bars.  So, I have promised to make reservations one Sunday a month so we can all experience together. 

Unfortunately I did not make the reservations for this past Sunday.  We just went somewhere local.  Don’t get me wrong, there are a variety great restaurants in the neighborhood that we know so we tried something new last night.  After this meal, I’m starting up the reservations asap.

We had dinner at The Place on 10th.  Fred, Jessica and Emily ate there before and the girls really liked it.  I didn’t have the same experience.

It really is a nice local restaurant with a good vibe.  The menu is simple.  Not many choices but they hit up each food group.   We went straight for the main course last night, no appetizers.

The bread wasn’t very flavorful which is unacceptable in NYC when there are tons of local bread makers.  I had the pork loin, Asian style, sliced on a bed of basmati rice and scallions, ginger and mushrooms.  Very salty and had an aftertaste that took me until the morning to get rid of.  The girls had herb chicken.  Herbs stuff underneath the chicken breast served on top of bland tasting mashed potatoes.  The chicken was moist but not that tasty.  Josh has the sirloin steak which he ate half of.  The steak either had a weird rub or something but there was a strange flavor.  Fred had the fish stew which had a nice kick (would have been nice over pasta) but the fish was mostly overcooked.

Alas.  Our Sunday nights used to be an order in situation but we have decided that the food is generally not that great ordered in, just easy.  I do cook on Sunday nights but sometimes I am not in the mood.  This Sunday we just tried being spontaneous.  That did not work.  Reservations begin today.

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  1. Elizabeth H.

    How did you raise little epicurians? We don’t have any kids yet, but we would like adventurous little eaters.