The Stairway to Hell

M_d249a15ac73c5b1f3803dcd3efdaaaccFred and I went to see The Stairway to Hell last night.  The show is new.  It is currently playing on West 21st right off Sixth Avenue at a club called Snitch on the second floor. 

The producer of the Donkey Show and his friend (our friend too) is behind this production.  It is actually quite clever.  Not for me but certainly for a certain young 20 something crowd.  As I described to my friend this morning, it is for the 20 year old guy who graduated from college, is now working on Wall Street and wishes he was still in hanging out and getting wild with his frat buddies every night.

It is an hour show.  A video shows at the beginning to set you up for the plot. There is a raunchy band who lived life to the fullest.  They all end up up dying at one of their concerts and go to heaven.  They hate heaven.  They break out and are performing for us tonight.  If they do the performance right, they can get in to hell.  The devil, who is on the video, continues to talk to them about why they should be allowed to enter hell.  They try and prove themselves through the course of the evening.  The songs are covers from heavy metal rocks band.  Classic stuff. 

There is audience participation.  The band calls for women to come up and help them out.  Pretend like they are having an orgasm and other good stuff like that. 

We didn’t stay through the end simply because the club was filled with cigarette smoke.  I forgot what it was like  years ago when cigarette smoking was allowed in clubs.  Thank god it isn’t anymore.  I could barely breath and wasn’t looking forward to smelling like an ashtray for long.  When we got home, the kids said, you stink!  We did.

I was really sorry that I forgot my camera.  You must see it to believe it. You can get tickets here.  I really wish these guys the best with this show.  It is really clever.  A few hotels in Las Vegas are interested in the show.  Perfect.  They might have a cult hit on their hands.