U.S. Census Bureau

Images_30About six months ago we received in the mail a huge thick envelope containing a survey from the US Department of Commerce, Economics and Statistics Administration, US Census Bureau.  Under law, you are required to fill out this form.

No problem.  I filled out the form.  It is a huge undertaking.  The questions are all over the place.  Are you a citizen?  How many people live in your house?  What are you electric bills?  Who attends school?  What grades?  Do you work?  Are you on disability?  Have you ever been on disability?  Have you ever been in the Armed Forces?  What do you pay in housing taxes?  I could go on and on. 

I did my duty as an American citizen.  Filled out the form and sent it in.  Six months pass, I get the same form in the mail but this time for #8 (I guess an apartment).  I let it sit on my desk because it is a big ordeal to fill this thing out.  2 weeks pass, I get another one in the mail.

This time, I pick up the phone and call the 1 – 800 number.  The computer finds my info quickly.  I get to talk to a person and I give her the same locater number.  She gets my address but has a phone number that I have never heard of.  Doesn’t make sense since the computer got it (the voice that isn’t a real voice on the other end of the phone).  We try again.  Yep, wrong phone number.  Strange. 

I told her that I filled the form out six months ago and am not sure why I got it again because if the information was read and input, then I certainly would not have got this form again.  She tells me because a lot of the information, like the one that we are a single family house, generally needs to be called in from the home owners and the manually input to make changes. 

Crazy?  Yes.  After hearing Bush speak the other night, ( Actually I didn’t watch -too painful but did read the highlights),  it really scares the shit out of me what goes on in Government.  Truth is, the Government offices aren’t affected by the latest administration.  They just continue doing their thing like they did it 40 years ago.  I guess that is what frightens me.  That is why I agree with Fred.  Could we get a blogger for a President.  Someone who gets the times we are living in?