It was a blustery day

The_kidsI am a fair weather skier.  March skiing is prime.  January and February can be questionable.  Yesterday was a very blustery day.  Although it was around 30 degrees, the wind, the snow, etc. created a white out.  It was actually difficult to see the person in front of you at times.

Here is a picture of all the kids.  I love it!

Emily and I went out on our own.  I navigated us into the woods (oops).  We ended up in a double black diamond ravine, all moguls.  On skis, I’d be psyched.  On a board, questionable.  We got through it, actually turning and felt pretty damn good when we got down to the lift.  Took the lift back up, cut over and were blown out.  Lunch was inevitable. 

The afternoon opened up.  It was gorgeous and sunny.  We hit the trails on the lower end of the mountain.  We are going out this morning for a few runs because it is back to NYC this afternoon.  Praying for an easy flight and simple connections. 

As long as we are not on the slow bus to China, we’ll be very happy campers.