Missing Luggage

Many times we have fedexed our bags all over the country instead of using the airlines.  Why do we do this?  Because since 9/11, airline travel within the United States sucks.  International travel,  is not like this at all.  It is generally efficient and nobody has to go thru the insanity of taking of your shoes etc.

Our journey has been hell.  Now we have 2 of our 5 bags.  My mistake not fedexing the bags this time.  But the worst part is the United Airlines customer service. 

Customer service, for most companies, is not local anymore.  They are from call centers all over the world where the person on the other end is just reading a computer..  I am very familiar with this because one of Fred’s first investments as a venture capitalist was Upgrade.  They  provided a way to create call centers for software products.  Quite successful.

United call centers are in India.  Not to be disrespectful to India but it is hell talking to the people on the other line.  Truth is, I am not sure it would be better in the good old USA but from now on, only FEDEX.

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  1. jlix

    All I can say is: I WAS A JET BLUE HOSTAGE.

  2. Elizabeth H.

    United is awful, but it is your only choice when going to Aspen (unless you own your own jet). I have always thought that they recruited mean people to work for them.