Uhaul_truckMoving is one of those activities that rank up there in stress.  A total organizational nightmare.  Lucky for all us, I happen to be pretty organized.  I actually recall going on an interview and I was asked "are you organized?"  I said "very".  He said, "you’re hired". 

It is exhilarating on one hand, and overwhelming on the other.  I always love the next challenge, the next project so this is sort of up my alley. 

As a family, we are all about what’s next, so there isn’t a member who is feeling nostalgic about leaving our home but more excited about the upsides.  Different neighborhood, new rooms, etc. 

My blogging will probably slack off the next couple of weeks but I will attempt to get it all in.  Just because you are moving doesn’t mean the rest of life doesn’t stop.  Moving is just an addition to the norm.

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  1. Denise (NJ)

    Must have missed this one…where are you going?