Images_28Stand is one of the variety of hamburger restaurants that have cropped around the city.  Perhaps the success of the Shake Shack got everyone thinking.

My friend said to me this morning that she is surprised that there aren’t more restaurants in the local downtown neighborhoods catering to families and kids.  Good question.  Downtown NY’s demographics has changed considerably over the past 5 years.  There are so many families with young kids.  Perhaps that is why Stand was packed last night, with people of all ages.  The couple next to us had an 8 month old. 

A great burger.  There are about 10 options as a main course.  The classic, cheeseburger, chopped steak, salmon burger, veggie burger, chicken burger, etc.  Salads and lots of sides. They also have wine and beer.  Biggest bonus is the milkshakes and floats made with Il Labatorio del Gelato which is so delicious.  Chocolate, Toasted Sesame, Banana, Pumpkin, Apple Pie and more in the shake category.  For floats, root beer floats, Cel-ray tonic with strawberry gelato.  Some of the desserts coming out of the back looked pretty sweet too.

Most of us went with the classic.  Cooked to your liking.  I highly recommend the house special sauce on the side.  Big buns, toasted with a nice sized burger, crisp pickles, tomatoes, red onion and cheddar if you want.  Nice and juicy.  We opted for a variety of sides.  Onion rings which were excellent.  Not thick but thinly sliced with a very lightly coated crust.  Not heavy at all.  We did two types of fries.  The regular sized fries and the thin fries.  I am particular to thinly sliced crunchy browned fries.  They didn’t let me down.  I also liked the cole slaw.  Not to heavy but with a nice flavor and fresh.  We also tried the cucumbers that were sliced thin in a sour cream sauce.  It didn’t sound that interesting but the waiter ( who happened to be great ) said it was worth it.  He was right.  Light and refreshing.  A good accompaniment to a burger.

Josh sucked down his root beer float so quick that I didn’t really get a taste but I think that speaks for the flavor. 

A wonderful addition to the neighborhood.  Good vibe. They play good music too.  We will be back, for sure.