We are in the playoffs

BballWhat a season.  All the kids play basketball.  Josh plays soccer and baseball too.  I believe I have been on average this season to at least 5-7 games a week.  Fred and I really try to go to every single game.  If there are 2 games on one day, we do the conquer and divide method.  It is tough but well worth it on many levels.  It means a lot to the kids and they are fun to watch.
(the picture is Jessica making a foul shot)

Yesterday both kids got into the semi-finals.  Emily, who is Captain of her 8th grade team (last year of middle school) has gone  10-1 this season.  I have high hopes of taking it all this year.  We will soon find out.

Jessica has been the only kid on the varsity basketball team that plays the entire game.  It has been a tougher year for them.  Winning yesterdays game was huge.  They are now in the semis. 

Josh is only doing the intermural (5/6th) grade at school which is a great community event on Friday afternoons.  He also plays in the Carmine League on the weekends in basketball and indoor soccer at Chelsea Piers on the weekends too.  Baseball try outs were this past week and he was drafted in to Major A’s as a pitcher.  Our lives this spring will be filled with baseball.  2 games a weekend and 2 practices during the week. 

In a city that appears to be quite big, it is actually quite small when it comes to sports.  Each kid knows kids all over downtown Manhattan and even kids through the schools uptown that they play.  It really makes for small town living on some level.  I am amazed walking through the streets how many kids they know from everywhere.  So, not only is it great for exercise and learning how to work with a team, the social is key too.

More games to come….crossing my fingers through the semis.