Anyone who was living in NYC during the mid-80’s remembers when Restaurant Florent opened and going there.  The location was truly cutting edge.  A small groovy diner in the middle of the Meat Market area on Gansevoort Street (nobody had ever heard of Gansevoort Street) open 24 hours where nothing else was at night except for hookers and transvestites.  But, it was cool and crowded, not too expensive and the food was good. 

I have eaten at Florent a variety of times over the years but took Emily and Josh there for dinner last week.  It is hasn’t changed.  The food is good not great but you basically can’t go wrong.  Josh had the macaroni and cheese ( sans garlic ) which was amazing.  Gooey and rich.  Emily went for the grilled chicken salad that had feta, tomatoes, spinach and sliced apples with a light balsamic vinaigrette.  Nice and light.  Simple.  I went for the steak served alongside spinach and green beans.  Not the best steak I have ever had but it was good.  The chicken there is really good but I had chicken the night before.

Now that I am in that neighborhood, I might check it out for breakfast.  Emily said that Florent will be on her radar to go out with her friends.  The meal was good and not expensive.  Cash only.  Drinks aren’t cheap.  A vodka cost $9 which sort of made me laugh when I got the bill since entrees only ranged from $9-15. 

It was nice returning.  Lots of memories there, for sure. 

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  1. Parker

    You sure about cash only? I know it used to be cash only but last I heard, they now accept credit card.

  2. gregg

    was there last sunday for the chicken sandwich and yes they now take credit cards … started about a month ago – i kind of liked it cash only – but then i’d opt for the the hookers and the smell of rancid meat in august rather than a whoe block of scoop stores …