Miso Cod

My friend made this dish for us the other night and it was delicious.  I made it last night for the family, sorry no pics, but it was beyond easy and a bit hit on everyones palette.

Chilean Sea Bass or Cod or any firm white fish ( made this for six people which is 1/2 lb. per person)
Miso Paste ( I used red, he used white – just a bit different on the flavoring and sort of irrelevant) 5 heaping tablespoons of this
6 slices of ginger
6 T. soy sauce
2 cups of water.

Boil this down for about 8 minutes or so.  Let this cool.   Then pour this into a big zip lock bag and insert the fish.  Let this hang out in the refrigerator all day or a few hours. 

When ready, take out the fish and roast in the oven at 400 degrees for about 10 minutes or until it is almost cooked through.  Then crank up the broiler to caramelize the top.  FYI – do not use a Pyrex pan to broil in. 

While you are cooking the fish, pour the marinade into a small sauce pan and boil it down to make a rich sauce to pour over the fish.

On the side, we served chopped kale and chopped bok choy mixed together with onions.  Saute 2 yellow onions until soft.  Add the kale and bok choy.  Really chopped up almost like a chiffonade.  I used 2 kales and 4 bok choys.  Big volume becomes very small.  Once the veggies are soft continue cooking.  I covered the large Teflon pan and let this sit on medium low for about 30 minutes or until the veggies become really really dark green and all the water is reduced.  Also, I used not only olive oil in the pan to begin with the onions, I used a little butter too. 

Perfect on the side with a little jasmine rice.  Quick meal and quite cook.  You could probably use this miso marinade with chicken too.

Comments (Archived):

  1. erin

    i just printed this…i may try with halibut? always been curious about this dish–since it makes an appearance on so many menus. seems so simple. tip: a wonderful miso broth changeup: follow the miso broth recipe from the paste and add 2-3 tsp of the frozen crushed garlic–that comes in the mini ice-cube tray. it’s so wonderful. add a little chicken bouillon and you have a thai style base for spinach and noodle soup. very garlicy! Trader Joe’s sells the frozen herbs…cilantro, basil, garlic. i’ve mixed the basil and garlic to make a version of pesto–without the oil and fat.

  2. steve

    sounds yummy. i cook the kale for 10 min max to retain the crunch and brite green color. When i made mine, it had little crunchy pieces that tasted like glass..(just kidding-wow, that would have been a drag)


  3. Janet

    Question…. boil what down for 8 minutes or so?