Nicole Farhi Restaurant

Truly unbelievable what has happened in the Meat Packing District.  Not only are the stores and shops hopping, the streets are packed.  The Chelsea Market opened up on 9th between 16/17th before the meat market began to be developed.  Not only has the Market survived, you can barely get through the main hallway on a Saturday afternoon.

This past week I had lunch at the Nicole Farhi store.  A large store located in the Chelsea Market, street access with their own door too because it takes over the right hand space of the Market.  The store carries her line for men and women with a few touches of home decor thrown in and in the middle of that is a restaurant.  Quite clever.  I always thought having a restaurant among the shopping is smart. 

I did not have any high hopes for the food but everything that was coming out of the kitchen looked really good.  Maybe we will be pleasantly surprised.  We were.  We ordered salads that were absolutely delicious.  I made a note what was in it so I can attempt to recreate is at home. 

Baby arugula, sliced very thin pear slices, shaved fennel, pumpkin seeds, pomegranate seeds, pieces of French feta all in a very light but sweet vinaigrette.  I ordered that with grilled shrimp.  The shrimp even had a great Moroccan flavor to it.  I was there with my Mom.  She had grilled chicken on hers.  The chicken was delicious and I really liked how they served it.  A small breast with a connected leg piece of the wing, roasted and sliced but kept on the bone. 

I think we talked about the salad all day long.  I generally go to Pastis in that area just because I know it and it is easy to get a decent salad but Nicole Farhi blew the Pastis salads out of the water.  My new lunch when I am in the neighborhood will be at Nicole Farhi, definitely.