Outside the Echo Chamber

Fred wrote a very funny post about being outside the echo chamber.  When you live in NYC, sometime your reality becomes a bit slanted.  In many ways, we are out of touch with the world outside the island of Manhattan (or the five boroughs). 

That is one of the reasons it is so important to get out of NYC.  Reading Fred’s post just made me laugh.  We used to have a saying when I worked in the garment center.  When you lose focus of what America is all about, get on a plane and go to O’Hare. 

O’Hare being one of the largest airports in the country, a true melting pot of the American heartland. 

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  1. Don

    I was in NYC last week (from my office in Ohio). I explained to a client who had never been to the middle west that Ohio was 500 miles and 500 years from NYC. It is absolutely the truth.