Skiing in Slush

Spring vacation is usually the last 2 weeks of March.  This year, due to Passover and Easter, vacation was the last week of March and the first week of April. 

When we found this out, we had many conversations about should we attempt to go skiing?  We have gone skiing the third week of March, out west, for about 20 years and have basically had great snow.  We hemmed and hawed and decided to go for it.  Not sure we made the right decision but we are having fun anyhow. 

The conditions are pure slush.  Lots of brown spots.  Icy in the morning, mashed potatoes in the afternoon.  The moguls are cruddy.  Josh and Fred are bagging the slopes today and doing a round of 18 at the local golf course.  That gives you an idea of how warm it is out here.

Regardless, the girls are going to hit the slopes today.