When was this made?

We are in the midst of moving.  It is almost over, thank god.  I have had a few thoughts on furniture and clothing since these are the two main categories that we have either tossed, sold or just gotten rid of.

Any furniture, that has any providence, such as an antique by a certain designer should be signed and dated.  If art is signed and dated, why isn’t certain pieces of furniture?  It would certainly make it easier for everybody if that information was available on the furniture instead of having to do research.  Is the piece really who we think it is by?  Is it a replica and if it is, then mark it on the furniture. Even if a piece is made by Crate and Barrel, the date it was made should be somewhere on the piece where nobody can see if but you can find it if you need it. 

We found out that a piece we own wasn’t by who we we thought it was.  Major research was done and low and behold, it was misrepresented from the seller.  The seller is stepping up to the plate but if the piece was signed and dated, it would have made life a lot easier.

Clothing should absolutely be dated.  Just add it to the label.  My mantra on clothing is if you haven’t worn it in the past year, then it should be tossed unless it is a designer such as a Chanel suit or a Yves Saint Laurent coat, etc.  These become classics regardless of what comes back.  Understood that when fashions come back in they never come back exactly as they were before.  But, a top designer is always worth keeping. 

Fred has a variety of sport coats.  He wanted to keep a few, I succumbed.  He had one on this morning and I couldn’t decide if the cut of the jacket was passe.  Neither of us could remember when we bought it.  If only there was a date inside that jacket, then we would have known.  It would have been a big fashion help this morning.

Just some food for thought.  Personally, I am a huge tosser.  Always have been.  I like things neat and organized and I am definitely a bit of a fashion victim.  Although as I get older, I am not so extreme but I do like the latest and greatest. 

Dates, please…