Images1_8Yolato (yogurt gelato) opened on MacDougal street a few months ago.  It has just been too cold, for me, to taste.  I knew I would finally get around to it once the weather broke. 

Not only do they have a delivery menu, they also have the calories of everything you are eating.  Nice for the consummate dieter.  Also, they are real numbers depending on the flavor.  Chocolate is obviously more than strawberry.  Yolato served sorbets and gelatos.  All very flavorful.  We had a few tastings. 

I guess this is the next big wave.  Pinkberry, is slowly taking over the town which is also yogurt based.  It was all about Tasti-d-Lite for so long.  Now, it could be about Yolato and Pinkberry.

Comments (Archived):

  1. ParisBreakfasts

    Pinkberry tastes like milk sherbert or yogurt ice to me 🙁
    I hope this stuff is better!

  2. Ira B.

    Pinkberry is much better than yolato. They just opened one on the Upper West Side and I wasn’t impressed

  3. GelatoFreak

    Yolata is tremendous. Pinkberry was OK but a little bland and tacky. I got a shot of Illy expresso and a superb chocolate yolato to go; it’s winter… a perfect combo. Tasti d-lite is dead in the water….

  4. GreatMindsThinkAloof

    there are secret menus according to the yolato locations. and pinkberry is too reliant on the toppings. not to mention overpriced