Dogs and city life

We live in NYC and have a dog.  Certain neighborhoods are dog central.  The toughest thing is you really can’t just let your dog roam free in the city.  Walks at least 3 times a day.  A bag for scooping up the poop.  Leashes are essential.  Of course there are the dog runs in certain parks that are gated off just so the dogs can run free.  But trusting your dog to behave and run free down the street or in the park is a no-no.

Fred rides his bike up and down the Westside highway.  His biggest fear is a dog off a leash.  Some dog bolting in front of you, catching you off guard.  Your first reaction is to break and you go flying off the bike.  It happened to our friend this past weekend.  He broke his collar bone, thank god that is all, had to have surgery and will probably be fine after laying low for a good few months and then hitting the physical therapy route. 

If you have a dog, in the city, follow the laws.  Keep your dog on a leash.  It isn’t fair to the rest of the people you live among in the city of New York.