Downtown Growth Continued

Someone posted a quote on my post on Arts in Downtown Manhattan.  His concerns were about the new comers becoming part of the community.  For instance, the Gansevoort Hotel has a miserable disgusting billboard that is on the corner of 9th avenue.  It is just awful.

While we were staying at the Gansevoort there was quite a large protect taking place in front of the hotel about taking down the sign.  I completely agree, the sign should be taken down.

First of all, the neighborhoods down here is not Times Square.  The integrity of downtown should be embraced as growth takes place.  As newcomers enter the neighborhood, they should be community oriented.  But on the other hand, the community must embrace change so that there is a happy medium. 

Continued changed and growth is what makes New York City tick.  A true capitalist society.  New restaurants, new menus, new stores, new plays, new movies, new galleries, etc. 

Bleeker street has completely changed from what used to be there.  But, it is working.  That doesn’t mean that those stores will be there in 20 years but if they are it surviving because they have a clientele.  If the Gansevoort is there 20 years from now, it will be the same reason but on the other hand they do need to exist in harmony with the  people who live in the neighborhood.

One of my biggest frustration of change has been Washington Square Park.  It is time to bring the park into the 21st Century but locals have continued to fight the change.  Why?  Most of these locals were radicals of the 60’s who were all about change.  I don’t get it.  The Parks Department has done a great job renovating parks around the city.

So, do I agree with the comment made on my post about how we should become part of the neighborhood not just the consumer, absolutely but do I think we need to find the right place so that growth is created intelligently while embracing the community, yes.  That is the most important.