La Super-Rica Taqueria

We landed at the Santa Barbara airport, which is a pretty sweet little airport, got our car and drove directly to La Super-Rica Taqueria.  It was like when we used to go down to New Orleans and literally go from the airport directly to Uglesich (which is sadly now closed).

La Super-Rica is a tiny take out restaurant that has a covered patio in the back to eat your food.  Fresh Mexican.  Inexpensive, cash only and absolutely delicious.  Admittedly, there are not exactly an abundance of local Mexicans there but certainly a big line of people waiting to order. 

We tried a variety of plates.  Small piece of marinated pork served over 3 hand made tortillas.  The tortillas are warm, soft and delicious.  A Mexican crepe.  The pork is chopped up small, spicy and packs a powerful punch.  Also tried the chorizo taco, same concept as the pork but small spicy pieces of fried chorizo.  Two plates of grilled chicken mixed together with onions and peppers also served over 3 tortillas.  We ordered a bunch of guacamole for the sides. The guacamole is smooth and rich.  Salsa is for the taking.  Home made.  Chunks of tomato, onion, cilantro, jalapenos and the juice of the tomato.  The perfect amount of flavor.  Once you finish your taco, taking the salsa and the guacamole and just rolling that up in a fresh tortilla is delicious in itself.

My friend told me, order more than you think you want.  You’ll finish it and you don’t want to have to stand back in the line, then wait for the food.  They are making the food are you order it.  All fresh

We noticed a small place was we were driving back to the Freeway that was filled with Mexicans called Tortilla.  We all wondered if we should check that out too.  My guess is that Super-Rica has done a great job gearing the tastes more towards Americans taste.  We will continue to look while we are here, any suggestions would be great, to find the true locals haunt. 

If you are in Santa Barbara, this is a must stop.  Fresh, delicious and the real deal.

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  1. David Arthurs

    GG-If you haven’t left yet, I think better mex is found at Los Arroyos – Downtown 14 W. Figueroa St, (805) 962-5541.
    Great salsa bar, excellent combos. 1/2 block off State.
    For dinner, best place in town is Downey’s on State but probably more for you and Fred sans kids. Ca’ Dario on 37 E Victoria St 805 884-9419 for very good Italian w/ great herb rack of lamb and excellent pastas.
    I can hit you with some local beach walks and other stuff if you are still around.