I have returned to reading.  I took a small hiatus for awhile.  I wanted the first book I picked up be a page turner.  I read a review of Laura Lippman’s new book, What the Dead Know and I thought it might fit the bill.  It did.

I used to be a mystery reader years ago but have gravitated towards new novels more than anything else but the story line intrigued me. 

Two sisters disappear 30 years ago at the shopping mall.  They never find the bodies.  An accident occurs 30 years later and the woman driving the car says she is one of the sisters.  Is she or isn’t she? 

The story takes place in the present with conversations about similar abductions that if you have kept up on news over the past 30 years, you know about them.  I liked that.  Present day.  Lippman takes us through the detectives search to make sure this woman is who she says she is.  Lippman weaves the story from future to past.  We meet the parents, the girls, their past lives, the parents lives post losing their kids, the detectives, the lawyers.  Each character is well developed. 

The mystery isn’t solved until the last pages of the book.  Very clever story, really well written and most important, I could hardly wait to get into bed at night to read the next chapter.