Spring Awakening

essica and I went to see Spring Awakening last night.  An old play remade into a musical.  I am not a huge fan of musicals but the tag line on this play is "A New Musical".  Hmm? 

The cast can’t be older than 25 except for the two people that play all the adult characters.  The play is set sometime around the turn of the 20th Century maybe 1890.  An age old topic of teenage sexual angst which people weren’t exactly forthcoming about at that time.   Also, teens questioning religion, education and life in general.  The difference is that it isn’t 2007 but 1890.  In between the dialog, there are rock songs with lyrics about the scene. 

Music is by Duncan Shiek.  Obviously an incredibly talented guy.  He roomed with a very good friend of mine in High School.  If he is as articulate and smart as him with the artistic side added in, Duncan is the ticket to watch. 

What is "new" and I liked is the old with the new.  Each character belted out there songs like they were playing at Irving Plaza.  Some songs were more mellow but I really liked the rock songs.  The acting was really superb.  One actor is still at La Guardia High School which gives you some insight into the median age on stage. 

In some ways, Spring Awakening reminded me of Rent.  A bit racy, clever and pushing and envelope for a musical.  As I said, I am not a fan of musicals but I was entertained and the play kept me engaged.  If you like musicals, you will love this play.  Truly well done. 

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  1. Cathy

    Thank you for the timely post as we have tickets to see it tonight. I am taking a car service into the city with a broken toe, bruises and all to see it!

  2. Byron

    Thanks for the write-up! The show was amazing, I saw it last week. If you like the musical, you might also be interestsed in the Wolfgang Bauer art series based on the play, called Spring Awakenings. Take a peek.