The Farmers Market

The Farmers Markets in Los Angeles are incredible.  We walked over to the one in Venice to pick up some fruits and veggies.  Wow. 

This particular market is small but not one booth is not working checking out.  Strawberries were magnificent.  We got 6 pints and finished them all over that day.  The carrots, were varietal that I had never seen.  Some were your classic orange, others yellow and some orange/red like a blood red orange.  We roasted them that evening and not only are they beautiful, the tastes were intense.

My favorite was Rancho Padre Organic Fruit.  He carried a variety of oranges, lemons, etc but the grapefruits called Oro Blanco tasted nothing like any grapefruit that I have ever had.  I took his card.  He said he would ship me Dec-Mar.  I definitely be in touch next year..

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  1. Doug

    those strawberries look surreal! Each one must be as big as my fist.

    I used to work in an ‘office’ – the chef would supply copious amounts of fresh berries. The quantities of strawberries consumed were staggering, maybe not 6 pints a day, but at least 12/week in the summer months.