Theater Memberships

We are annual members of a few theaters.  I like it for a variety of reasons.  We like supporting the arts, pushes us to see stuff we might have never seen if we had to buy tickets here and there and opens our eyes to different theater.

For instance, last night we went to see Love Musk.  Truly I had no idea what we were seeing until we got there.  We found out it was a 2 1/2 hour musical.  We didn’t take our seats, instead we sat in the way back near the door, just in case.  Fred fell asleep halfway through the first song.  By the fourth song, I was done.  I am not a huge fan of musicals.  We left, walked over to Esca, sat at the bar and had a great night.  Although I found out this morning that Love Musk was nominated for tons of awards including best musical, I didn’t care.  We supported MTC this year and the majority of plays have been great.  It would be impossible to have every play to be fantastic and something we would like. 

A few years back we supported Roundabout Theater.  I found that the majority of the plays they put on were awful.  Instead of getting behind young playwrights or interesting content they put the majority of their effort behind remakes or larger than life plays.  So, we didn’t support them anymore.  I am not sure what is going on at the Roundabout but after the series of phone calls that I have had from the Roundabout, I will never support them.  I have been solicited a variety of times the past two years to come back and be a member.  The guy on the other end is a total smart ass.  I have asked them to respectively take me off their list.  They never do.  The last phone call was two nights ago.  The guy on the other end was such a jerk trying to keep me on the phone.  Then, the spam began.  I have been getting emails from them.  I appreciate their need to raise money and memberships but when they are accosting people who have asked to be taken off the list numerous amount of times, not only is it unacceptable it certainly isn’t the way to get them back in the theater.

As the year is winding down, we have decided to definitely support MTC again next year, also Second Stage Theater which was a true treat this year.  Considering others but two is a lot which ends up being about 14 plays a year not including the other stuff we do try and get to see. 

Shame on Roundabout, I will be taking a big pass on them for years to come.