Veterans for Peace

Right near the pier, in Santa Barbara, an area has been taken over by Veterans for Peace that is quite powerful.  They have turned a section of the beach into something that looks like the Arlington Memorial.

Every Sunday they set this up.  The crosses each represent an American life that has been taken in Iraq.  Not only are they trying to make a statement, they offer help for post traumatic stress. 

There are different signs, different posters, all around the memorial from newspaper clippings to pictures of slain soldiers.  Seeing the size of memorial is very powerful.  The statement is even more powerful as the weather is beautiful, people are hanging out on the beach, walking up and down the board walk with their families and just enjoying the moment.  Then, you look out at the beach and see a memorial that represents each life that has been taken from a family in a war that seems to have no end and just doesn’t make any sense.  These young men and women, our military, protect American interests.  You look across the sand seeing all of these names and crosses ( for every religion ) and you wonder why didn’t we protect them.