We moved on quickly…

We have settled into our new abode and new hood.  I feel more relaxed as each day passes.  The big question, people always ask me is, do you miss your last place?  Any regrets?  So, I put the question to the kids.  Do you miss the house  ("the house" is  how we always referred to it)?

Josh.    Josh answered to one friend of ours, "at least I have a roof over my head".  Where he got there one, god knows.  But to me, he paused, thought about and said, "nope, not a thing.  Well, I do miss that shower." You know what, so do I.

Jessica.  No, not really but I do miss that shower.

Emily.  Not really but I do miss that shower.

Their answers made me laugh.  They know a good shower when they take one.  But most important, they have learned a really great lesson in life.  Moving on is okay.  New adventures, new surroundings, new experiences.  No anxiety from this group about change.  As far as I am concerned, that is a very good thing.