We had dinner last night, after theater, at Anthos. Usually when we see something in the West 50’s, we go to  Estiatorio Milos which next to Pylos is my favorite Greek restaurant in the city.  So having another restaurant in the vicinity that is also Greek definitely peaked my interest. 

A very elegant restaurant.  The large vessel of cherry blossoms in the middle of the restaurant were so beautiful and perfect considering the walls are adorned with water colors of cherry blossoms.  Warm lighting.  Tiny bar in front and comfortable seating through out.  They did a really nice job.

I liked the menu too.  Greek with a twist.  It was late so we split a few things.  The chef starts you off with a welcome dish.  4 tiny rock shrimps deep fried with a spicy sauce, a chick pea mash, spicy sausage fried and served under a lemony sauce and deep fried sweet breads.  A nice touch but very heavy handed.  We also got a small piece of lamb on a skewer which had about 5 different flavors going.  A nouvelle shish kabob.

We are both lovers of raw fish, sushi and especially the crudo at Esca.  So to see on the menu a raw selection for appetizers seemed the way to start.  5 different raw fishes all accompanied with something special and then a selection of  crab, oyster and shrimp.   An oyster served with a lemon granita.  Too much ice and too much lemon.  Crab that was served with sea urchin and trout roe and chives.  An interesting combination and quite tasty.  The best was the sweet shrimps served on top of a clear tomato consomme and a few dried tomatoes tossed on top amount the feta and basil.   All raw.  The next was tuna, yellowtail, scallops, mackerel and one other that I can’t recall.  Each was a small bit sized piece, served in a square white fish and then with a different sauce or herb depending on the fish.  Chef  Mike Psilakis is very imaginative and creative and I give him the nod for that but the fish wasn’t as buttery as I’d like and the flavors sometimes over took the delicacy of the fish.   

We split the whole Grilled Loup de Mer.  Displayed in such an incredibly creative way.  He had taken the entire fish, deboned it, grilled it and then cut it into 4 different pieces.  The fish completely stayed together.  On the plate, each piece was layered on top of each other, including the head and tail.  It was absolutely elegant.  The fish was delicious.  Perfectly cooked and rich tasting.  I’d like a class on how he did that.  On the side was a small pot of roasted spring veggies coated with butter but just the right amount.  I would have liked a bigger pot. 

The wine menu is extensive too.  We like some Greek wines and have had trouble finding them in the city and the sommelier couldn’t have been more helpful and gave us the name of his distributor so that they could point us in the right direction in the retail world. 

Passed on desserts but the menu was classic Greek delicacies but with a subtle twist.  The menu and execution is different from any of the Greek restaurants that I have been to in the city, and Queens.  I think we have been to the  majority of them too.  This is a total nouvelle Greek experience.  I am sure the other appetizers that came from the kitchen, vs. the raw, were delicious too.  Each plate coming out of the kitchen was creative.  My only criticism is that he is a tad heavy handed.  What I love about Greek cooking is the simplicity of the food and how the flavors of the fish or lamb or octopus come out.  The seasonings could be toned down.

It isn’t exactly in my neighborhood, so I wouldn’t go out of my way to get there but I am glad I did.  Lovely and elegant which is perfect for the neighborhood Anthos resides in.