Arctic Monkeys

Hammerstein Ballroom is tough if you are short and old or short and young.  Josh and I hung out in the back, on the stairs  in order to see.  Jessica, on the other hand, made her way up to the front and through friends hung out with the band members in the back afterwards.  Josh originally made his way  up to the front and thought better of it.  Although I did explain to him that one day, he will be over 6 feet tall and being in the front or back will not be a problem.  Emily is on a school trip and was being bummed that she couldn’t be there.  There will be more concerts, I am sure.

I didn’t stay for the whole concert but it was evident that the band felt a lot more comfortable on stage than they did last year.  They talked to the audience. 

This band is true rock and roll.  Yet as Josh pointed out to me last night, "you and Dad are the only cool older  people here, I think you might be the oldest".  Maybe a back handed compliment, maybe not.