Happy Mothers Day

Happy Mothers Day to all. 

I got a fantastic gift from the crew.  As Jessica said, it will change your life.  When I opened the gift, I laughed.  She could be right. 

I got a Breville juicer.  It rocks.  You can juice anything.  We did oranges, peaches, berries and we have only just begun. 

Comments (Archived):

  1. Matt

    I have the same Breville – it’s so great. My only issue is that it sounds like a jet taking off, right? So powerful…

  2. Party 4 a Cause

    that’s so great! The jet taking off thing is a little scary. Also, I went to Sushi Yasuda (on your recommendation from a previous blog post) on Friday for Mother’s day. It was AMAZING! And a great deal too. thanks, GG.

  3. Jon Williams

    Did same for my wife when she got braces recently (not Breville, but similar). Technology has improved since last owned one 10 years ago

  4. erin

    here’s a tip. if you are making veggie juices, keep the pulp and use to make a very healthy veggie soup. add chicken stock, garlic, onions and whatever else. it’s really good. my friend juices all the time and i take her pulp every now and then. plus you get all the fiber, which you miss out on by juicing!