International Center of Photography

We were invited to sit at our friends table last night at the annual gala for the International Center of Photography.  I have always been a big fan of ICP.

The facilities are fantastic.  I took a class there several years ago and was impressed with the teachers and the class.  What was really enjoyable was the rotation of students pictures on the walls in the back rooms where the classes are taught.  Digital has changed the world of photography. 

We bumped into a friend of ours last night who is a major fashion photographer.  He said years ago he could tell a digital picture from a film picture but now he would be hard pressed to tell.  Digital has put a camera in every persons hand and allowed us the ability to take picture after picture after picture without wondering if it was a good shot or how costly it will be to print.  Photographers, amateur or professional, can hone their skills quicker because the sheer magnitude of being able to take so many photos.

ICP gave our a variety of awards last night.  I was impressed not only with the poise of each recipient but how humble each one was.  David Levi Strauss, who won an award for Writing said that although he had been doing this for 30 years he feels as though he has just started.  I loved that.

Other honorees were Christopher Morris for photojournalism, Ryan McGinley for young photographer, Gap for applied fashion/advertising photography, Karl Lagerfeld for the ICP Trustees Award, Sommes-Nous? Tendance Floue for the Publication,  Tracey Moffatt for Art, Milton Rogovin got the Cornell Capa Award and William Klein for a Lifetime Achievement Award.

Each winner is beyond talented and it was a treat to see their work and listen to them talk about and accept their awards with grace.